Powered sites:

$30.00 for 1 adult and $33.00 for 2 adults, $5.00 every extra child, $10.00 every extra adult

Unpowered sites:

$18.00 for 1 adult and $28.00 for 2 adults, $5.00 per every extra person/child

Drive thru private en-suites:

$40.00 for 2 adults, $10.00 every extra person

**The price of a powered site does not vary depending on the size or type of the vehicle. All vans, motor homes, RV’s and camper trailers are charged the standard rate as listed above.

**All of our sites are drive-thru and customers are able to choose their own sites throughout the park. We have two amenities blocks and offer both bitumen and lawn sites.

**We do not take bookings for powered or un-powered sites. We have unlimited space in the park and it is fine to just show up at any time.